Meeting Leonard Cohen World Tour Band Members in 2009-2010

San Diego Concert Poster  
April 7, 2009
Copley Symphony Hall

I feel very fortunate to have enjoyed 16 incredible concerts of the World Tour in 2009 and 2010 and to have had the honour of meeting Leonard Cohen in person for the first time.

I also feel very lucky that I had opportunities to meet every wonderful member of the band, including the three back up singers.

The warm memories of meeting each of these very talented and remarkable individuals will last forever.

I started with the concert in San Diego on April 7, 2009 where I bought a site specific poster (seen above).  I started collecting autographs there at the early entry for Forum members.  After San Diego, I brought the poster to the rest of the concerts I attended in 2009.  In total, there are seven autographs on that poster.  The only two missing are Neil Larsen and Sharon Robinson.  I just never ran into them in 2009.  Ah, but I did in 2010.

Javier Mas, Dino Soldo
San Diego, April 7, 2009 
How I eventually received this photo (more)

Dino Soldo
Gothenburg, Aug 12, 2010
Dino and the red socks story (more)

Roscoe Beck
Nashville, Nov 5, 2009
Forum fans early entry (more)

Bob Metzger
Kansas City, Nov 9, 2009  
Forum fans early entry (more)

Rafael Bernardo Gayol
Gothenburg, Aug 12, 2009 
Rafael graciously helped with my red socks (more)

Hattie Webb, Charley Webb
Los Angeles, Jan 18, 2010
Hotel Cafe gig (more)

Hattie Webb
San Jose, Nov 13, 2009 
Before the final 2009 concert (more)

Neil Larsen
Las Vegas, Dec 11, 2010
Very gracious and well deserved accolades (more)

Sharon Robinson
Las Vegas, Dec 11, 2010
It was wonderful to see her back (more)

...and I can't resist adding a
candid shot by Albert Noonan.
Las Vegas, Dec 11, 2010

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