Bob Metzger is Popular in my Leonard Cohen Scrapbook stats

Bob Metzger & Arlene
Kansas City, Nov 9, 2009  

From May 22, 2011  leonardcohenforum

The Stats Counter connected to this Leonard Cohen Scrapbook shows "Bob Metzger" is a very popular search. And I would say, this attention to an exceptionally gifted musician is well deserved.

I met the elegant and soft-spoken Bob Metzger only once, at the Leonard Cohen concert Forum early entry in Kansas City.  And, the memory of that meeting is still very warm.

The first time I saw Bob Metzger live in concert was in San Diego on April 7, 2009.  This is what I wrote in my concert report in a previous post.
One discovery for me at the live concert, is the very important contribution of BOB METZGER to the success of the band. I never picked up on this in all the YouTube tour clips, the London Live DVD and CD set. He is an amazing talented musician. He is their solid foundation.
LC has referred to him as the ”Signature of Steady” and the “Architect of the Arpeggio”. I can now understand why LC has wanted him in his troupe all these many years.
LC's band intros at the end of Anthem are legendary. His tribute to Bob Metzger is very moving.
On vocal harmonies,
the pedal steel guitar
and this electric guitar
which on my records and in these concerts
binds the verses one to another,
rising and falling in stunning geometries of loveliness,
a veteran of these many campaigns,
my old friend, the irreplaceable
Bob Metzger
Oakland, Dec 5,2010 Anthem cued to start at LC's intro of Bob Metzger

When we were given the opportunity to show our appreciation to the band at the end of the 2010 World Tour, inspired by Marie Mazur, Speaking Cohen, "Time to say Thank You", this is what I wrote to Bob Metzger:

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