Leonard Cohen - Un Az Der Rebbe Singt - Vienna 1976

From a concert in an occupied building called "Arena".
Year 1976, Austria

Banner: "Hierbleiben ist Solidarität" ("To stay here is solidarity").

From July 31, 2009  leonardcohenforum

I have watched this heartwarming video many times usually with tears in my eyes. Leonard's Yiddish accent and interpretation are so authentic and evoke very fond memories of my childhood. I have always wondered why the You Tube title (translated) of this traditional Yiddish folksong is called, "When the rebbe sings". Leonard is actually singing, "When the rebbe sleeps".

I learned that he is singing only one verse of the song in this clip. (Lyrics below)

A little background:
Yiddish Folksong
Eastern European Jews brought to the New World their colorful heritage and culture. One can imagine a shtetl, a small, poor,isolated community, self-contained by law. There are many daily tribulations; the rabbi's song provides an opportunity for some light-hearted relief. In the Chassidic movement that flourished among Eastern European Jewery, the way to spiritual experience was through dancing and singing. So, do what the rabbi does, friends! If he sings, sing; if the dances, dance . . . Of course, while one should indeed do whatever the rabbi does because, after all, the rabbi sets the best example, there may be a foolishness in copying everything he does!
Lyrics and Translation
Az der rebe zingt
Zingn ale khasidim
Az der rebe tantzt
Tantzn ale khasidim
Az der rebe shlof
Shlofn ale khasidim

Az der rebe lakht
Lakhn ale khasidim

Az der rebe est
Fresn ale khasidim

Un az der rebe redt
Shvaygn ale khasidim!
When the rebbe sings,
All the khasidim sing,

And when he dances,
They all dance,


And when he sleeps,
All the khasidim sleep,

And when he laughs,
They all laugh with him,

When he eats,
They also stuff themselves,

But when he talks,
The khasidim are quiet.

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