Sharon Robinson Is Superb On Blog Talk Radio Interview

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"Everybody Knows", written by Leonard Cohen & Sharon Robinson

From Feb 18, 2010  leonardcohenforum

Blog Talk Radio out of Columbia, SC
Hosted by Maverick Media
February 17, 2010

When I first heard the live streaming blog talk radio interview with Sharon Robinson, I thought it was terrible.

I felt the radio blog host and his interview were less than stellar. And the streaming crashed several times, which at one point left Sharon alone hanging in there with no host.

However, Sharon Robinson, being the consummate professional and lovely lady that she is, comported herself magnificently in the circumstances.

Preparing this post, I had occasion to listen to the interview a second time on the podcast. My original opinion still stands.

Terrible interview.  Superb Sharon Robinson.

I particularly liked what she said about her future projects.  In addition to working in a studio, she mentioned:
I am looking forward to doing some live shows as soon as I get the chance and touching base with the fans that I seem to be acquiring through the touring and through my albums.
I am looking forward to Sharon finally announcing this.

Interview segment with Sharon Robinson, 33 minutes

The link to the entire Blog Talk Maverick broadcast of Feb 17 is here 
85 min, 2 guests. The Sharon Robinson segment starts at 5.25

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