Dino and ANOTHER RED SOCKS Story-Gothenburg, Sweden, August 12, 2010

Dino Soldo, Master Musician

From Oct 4, 2010   leonardohenforum

Another chapter of Dino and the Red Socks - this time at the Leonard Cohen concert in Gothenburg, Sweden on August 12, 2010.

(For those not familiar with this tradition, see earlier post here.)

As I reported on the Gothenburg Concert thread, I had quite an adventure when I entered the Scandinavium at the accessible ground level entrance. I first ran into Rafael Gayol who was returning from a stroll. He was very charming and wonderful. I asked Rafael if he would give Dino Soldo a small packet with red socks. (see arrow)

Rafael agreed to give the socks to Dino saying, He will love this

After the concert was over, as I was walking back towards the direction of the hallway by which I entered, I heard a voice calling, "Arlene, I wore your red socks" and saw a foot sticking out from between the curtains next to the stage (hiding the unused arena area).

Peeking out between the curtains was our dear sweet wonderful Dino with a brilliant smile. After a bit of security fuss, I was allowed to go behind the curtains (="backstage") so we could have a short chat and take some photos.

(Brand: Hugo BOSS) A re-enactment of the Dino foot thrust

Dino was so warm and friendly, charming and generous with his time. What a delightful man.

Now I have to stock up on more red socks for the final five Leonard Cohen concerts. Mmmm... I wonder if there will be early entry or if the band will be roaming around the merch stands when they are back in North America.

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