Kansas City, Red Socks For Dino, Nov 9,2009

From Nov 21, 2009   leonardcohenforum

First, to dispel the rumor, "knit" is a four letter word, similar to "work" and "cook" and "iron. I try to avoid these whenever possible. I bought the Red Polo Crew Socks at Bloomingdales in Los Angeles.

The "back story"

During the Spring leg in North America, Dino posted a Tweet that he had washed all his socks in the last city then forgot to take them with to the next city. Well, I thought, that would be a good idea to bring him a pair of socks the next time I go to a concert and give them to him at the Fan early entry. I had seen him wear red socks in some of the videos on YouTube. And he also posted many tweets about his daily running adventures, sometimes even linking his running path to a specialized mapping software. Hence, the red cotton crew socks.

When the tour came back to the US for the Fall 2009 leg, I put my Red socks for Dino plan into action. I arrived at the Fan early entry in Nashville, the first of my five city LC concert paradise adventure, but no Dino. Two days later, I arrived at the next Fan early entry in St. Louis, and again no Dino. So, I approached one of the Black Fedora types near the Merch stand and asked him if he would please give my little package of socks to Dino.

And another two days later, I arrive at the Fan early entry in Kansas City. Lo and behold, Dino came out. I asked him if he received my red socks. He didn't know what I was talking about. I went over to the Black Fedora from St Louis and asked him what happened to my socks for Dino. He said he had to give them to Joey Carenza first because that is the protocol for gifts. Okay then, I go back to Dino and told him to check with Joey.

Three days later, when I saw Dino at the Fan early entry in Las Vegas, I asked him again if he got the socks. He teased me for not noticing that he had worn them.

Now I was confused, I couldn't figure out when he would have worn them because this was the next concert following Kansas City.

I Am Slow But I Get There. Dino, that dear man, must have gotten them from Joey immediately and wore them that night at the KC concert...but I never noticed.

I checked my own video of "Anthem" when the LC introduces everyone, but there were so many heads in front of me Dino was not visible.

So I checked with Kelsey (kaimik) for her take on this story and this is what she emailed back
Yes, it was Kansas City! Before the concert, I remember you talking to the boys about not delivering your socks. And then, some time during the second half of the concert, Dino lifted up his foot, held up his pant leg, wiggled his foot around and looked your way, grinning ear to ear! At the time, I didn't put two and two together. But, then when I saw the tweet, I realized what had happened!
To explain myself missing him wearing the socks, I posted a Tweet reply to Dino saying that his Mouth Harp (Harmonica) solo was so spellbinding and thrilling (which it was) that I was mesmerized and didn't notice anything else. That's my story and I am sticking to it

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