Leonard Cohen Concert St Louis Fox Theatre, Nov 7, 2009

From Nov 8, 2009  leonardcohenforum

Leonard Cohen recited lines from "The Flood" leading into Anthem.

Sharon Robinson received a standing ovation for her Boogie Street

Dino Soldo tried to be funny in the ending song, but personally I did not catch on and Tony Curran (Bill's Bar) had to explain it to me afterwards. When it was time for his featured solo in "I tried to leave you", Dino blew only one note on his sax and then doffed his cap as if taking a bow. The audience laughed a little bit. Then he threw his cap in the air and grooved on his sax in his usual fabulous jazzy style.

At the end of Famous Blue Raincoat, LC reverted to signing off, Sincerely, L. Cohen.

Other than in Nashville, where he added, "Sincerely, A Friend", has he ever changed that last line?

At the beginning of the concert, I was stopped from shooting videos which surprised me. So, alas, I have no clip of LC reciting from "The Flood". At the intermission I questioned this. A decision came back from on high, video is permitted, along with a gracious apology by the head security man. People in Missour-ah are ever so nice. As it turned out, even though I was sitting in a wonderful Pit seat, it was in the 4th row, on a flat floor (apparently situated over the old Wurlitzer organ) which made for bad camera angles. The guy in front of me was a fusser, scratching his ear etc. I will have to review the few clips I do have to see if any of them are worth posting.

Even though the sightline was flawed, I did feel the sound was excellent. The effect was a softer, richer sound than in Nashville (which was quite good) and therefore more "romantic", for lack of a better word at 1am.

Many thanks to lilifyre for arranging the dinner meet-up before the concert. There were about 15 people at the dinner.

Screen shot: St Louis Fox website

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