Leonard Cohen Concert Nashville, Tennessee Perfoming Arts Center, Nov 5, 2009

Incredible concert at the Tennesse Performing Arts Center (TPAC)!!! Thank you Jarkko - first row seat. Fantastic.

Premier of "new" song - The Darkness

Leonard gave a short talk about his years living in Tennessee. The story about himself and a horse is quite charming. I believe he also mentioned owning a rifle and a gun.

Leonard also told the Chelsea hotel story about meeting Janis Joplin on the elevator and pretending to be Kris Kristofferson to the great delight of the Tennessee audience.

I was fortunate to get a Set List after the concert.  Leonard uses two (for both of his sound monitors) and I was given one of his. YeeHaw.

Setlist thanks to Mickey Sullivan

My Long Stem Rose (Everybody Knows...)

I had left a single long stem rose (wrapped with small Canadian, US and Tennessee flags) on the stage apron before "Everybody Knows" which Leonard placed on the drum riser as usual. When Rafael failed to catch the stick later during "I Tried To Leave You", great laughter. Roscoe picked up my rose and handed it to Raphael. More great laughter. A charming moment.

For a wonderful summary of my rose and its fate, please see Dr Allan Showalter's blog at
1heckofaguy.com  Everybody Knows The Fate Of The Long Stem Rose

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