Leonard Cohen Kansas City Concert, AMC Midland, November 9, 2009

Screen shot:  Kansas City AMC Midland website

From Nov 10, 2009   leonardcohenforum
  • Very heavy bass sound tonight
  • The building rocked
  • The band rocked
  • Leonard Cohen rocked
  • The KC audience rocked
  • Many standing ovations
  • Wildly enthusiastic and very appreciative audience.
    -It made Leonard smile a lot. The band too.
  • He went back to Blues #2, Feel so good (prisoner/blindfold/coffee)
  • FEELS SO GOOD (replaced No way to say Goodbye on the setlist)
  • His patter before Chelsea Hotel was priceless
  • Recited intro to Anthem from "The Flood"
  • He signed off Famous Blue Raincoat, Sincerely, A friend like he did in Nashville

From Nov 10  leonardcohenforum

Leonard Cohen's patter at the beginning is priceless - meeting Janis Joplin in the elevator, writing the song in Miami

At the start, LC recites lines from "The Flood"

Blues #2 FEELS SO GOOD (one of his new blues songs)

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