San Jose, Nov 13, 2009, Last concert 2008-09

Standing Ovation at the HP Pavilion  "Shark Tank"

From Nov 14  leonardcohenforum

I am still in the San Jose hotel packing up to go home after a 12 day adventure of 5 concerts in Leonard Cohen concert paradise. So just a few preliminary thoughts.

Number one thought this morning, is a tremendous THANK YOU, JARKKO for everything you do to enhance all the fans' enjoyment.  I would never have undertaken this amazing, awesome (and exhausting) concert journey were it not for you

Many thanks to ladydi/Diana and to mutti/Leslie for organizing all the great happenings in both Las Vegas and San Jose. Your grace and "sense of moment" are impeccable.

Thanks also to Maarten for his beautiful artistic name tags and lanyards. It made it easy to spot other fans whether we knew them from before or not. Fans introducing themselves happened in many places because of wearing the name tags. People in the audience often asked me, "How can I get one of those name tags?" Ah, that was my cue to tell them about

One highlight was the awesome sight of the forum fans gently waving their green light tubes (candles) during Suzanne.

mutti/Leslie's idea for this was obviously appreciated by LC when during the song he responded:
Thanks for all the lights, Friends

Setlist thanks to Sharon Erde

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