Leonard Cohen To His Back Up Singers, "That's a lot of do dum dums" - Ghent Aug 18.12

October 21, 2012
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Sometimes at the end of "Tower Of Song", Leonard Cohen has been playful with the final do dum dums sung in beautiful harmony by his backing singers.  He would delight the audience with different secrets about that phrase while the ladies kept repeating their harmony to the amusement of the audience.

In Las Vegas, 2010, LC used this opportunity to pay a very moving tribute to Sharon Robinson and The Webb Sisters. (See: Leonard Cohen Pays Tribute To His Back Up Singers in Las Vegas, Concert 1 - Dec 10, 2010)

In Ghent, 2012, LC once again thanked Sharon, Hattie & Charley at the end of "Tower of Song". He was especially humorous and kept them singing again for an extra long time, which the audience thoroughly enjoyed.
You know, you've sung do dum dum dum de do dum dum maybe 30 or 40 times each time you've done the song
times 250 concerts.
That's a lot of do dum dums

But you know my dear friends,
I wouldn't give up a single do dum dum for all the tea in China
I thank you for every do dum dum you've sung
and every do dum dum that you will sing
You have my pledge of eternal gratitude
Thank you so much
Tower Of Song - Gent 2012-08-18 (rendipityse)
cued to start at 5.01 ...do dum dum

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