Leonard Cohen FRIENDS On The Go (1 & 2)

October 22, 2012

"I want to express our gratitude to those, I don't want to call them fans,
they are of a much deeper order than fans..." 
Leonard Cohen, Las Vegas, Dec 10/10
"I found it heartwarming that he referred to us as friends and thanked us all night long"

Caren Gutschmidt (photo by Hans Kloss)

FRIENDS Out and About in Toulon, France
This concert was well worth the inconvenience of sitting on a coach from Verona for eleven hours. We would do it again anytime. (Caren Gutschmidt, Leonard Cohen Forum)
Hans & Caren in London

Thank you Hans and Caren for sharing the wonderful photos of your Leonard Cohen European concert travels.

*   *   *

Leonard Cohen FRIEND at a Tailgate Party?

That was my first reaction when I saw this charming photo of a beaming FRIEND proudly displaying a framed autographed photo of Leonard Cohen.  It was on Twitter, included in a continuous ribbon of images which unfortunately did not contain any individual photo info. 


Let's see if there are any clues:
  • The vehicle is a right hand drive. So, the photo location was not North America.
  • It looks like a very happy occasion, for at least two people. I see what looks like a bottle of bubbly and two fluted champagne glasses in the vehicle. One glass still has a small amount of bubbly.
  • The photo was shot by someone using a tripod. (see the reflection in the detail)
  • There is second blonde woman in the glass reflection.
Not a lot of clues to tell us much, I agree.

To me, this doesn't look like an incidental Leonard Cohen moment. It looks staged with a photographer using a tripod to snap the photo.

Regardless of the lack of info, I still enjoy this photo.

This lady looks like a very happy Leonard Cohen FRIEND on the go...in style.

Hans and Caren photos: facebook
Lady holding framed photo: twitter (no info)
Detail snippet by: Arlene

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