Leonard Cohen Pays Tribute To His Back Up Singers in Las Vegas, Concert 1 - Dec 10, 2010

Charly & Hattie Webb, Sharon Robinson
Screenshot:  "Songs From The Road"

From June 27, 2011  leonardcohenforum

At the end of Tower Of Song, with the background of the familiar "Doo dum dum dum deh doo dum dum...", Leonard Cohen paid a moving tribute to Sharon Robinson, Hatty & Charley Webb, his back up singers.
Don't stop
Oh, sweet sounds
reach at me now
Have I told you how much I appreciate your back up singing
that you've given me these past years
It has meant a great deal to me
It has sweetened my voice
and made it acceptable to me
Thank you so much

cued to start at 5.40

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