Leonard Cohen Music Corner In Toronto, My Home Town-This Might Get Complicated

October 18, 2012

The photo on the left with a group performing Leonard Cohen songs was published by the "Torontoist" in May,2012 and was included in my earlier post, Artists Take Leonard Cohen's Music to the Streets of Toronto In Tribute To His Glenn Gould Prize

In the background, diagonally across the street is "The Church Of The Redeemer"

The "The Church of the Redeemer" marquee style photo on the right was recently posted on twitter by farglow.  The church is located on the northeast corner of Avenue Road and Bloor.

Now comes the complicated part.

The musicians in the left photo are performing Leonard Cohen songs in front of  the Royal Ontario Musem (ROM) on the southwest corner of University Avenue and Bloor Street. That is how natives describe this corner.

University Avenue runs north from near Union Station. As it continues north the street name changes and at Bloor Street it has its final change to Avenue Road..

To make things even more complicated, the postal address for the ROM is "Queen's Park Circle". I won't even go there to explain more address changes except further south is Queen's Park, a roundabout where The Legislative Assembly of Ontario, "Ontario Provincial Parliament"  is situated.
For those going to the Leonard Cohen Toronto concerts in December and wish to visit this interesection, I highly recommend the Royal Ontario Musem and directly opposite the Gardiner Ceramic Museum.

If one takes the Yonge-Univesity-Spadina subway line, the stop for this intersection is "Museum".  Ignore all the street names and you will find the buildings quite easily.

The Avenue Road and Bloor area aka "Yorkville" is a great place for strolling and has a lot of buzz.

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