Leonard Cohen Concert Live Webcam? "The Darkness" by Roman Gavrilin, Helsinki 9.2.12

October 13, 2012
video screenshot

When I watched Roman Gavrilin's Helsinki Darkness video, I thought it had the feel of a live webcam streaming.

I found it very appealing.

His wide angle camera held steady in a fixed position made me feel like I was sitting there at the concert myself. From his first row perspective, I could see the entire stage at a glance and could note every aspect of the song including the stage business between songs. As much as I admire the pan and zoom of Leonard Cohen close-ups, I really enjoyed the fixed wide angle view for a change of pace.

From my notebook jottings:
  • This video is identifiably Helsinki. There were many photogrpahs posted of the concert at Sonera Stadium so I recognized the stage setting. 
  • From the position of a first row seat, a camerman partially blocks my view. Yep, "I was sitting there" That's happened to me.
  • On my left, backline tech, Chris Bynum carries away Hattie Webb's harp.
  • On my right, backline tech, Leif Bodnarchuk brings in a guitar for Mitch Watkins
  • A "10th" band member-Mike Scoble, Old Ideas Tour Manager-is already on stage with his harmonica. He stands behind Alex Bublitchi and Javier Mas. This is my first time seeing Scoble in place on stage for a complete song.
video screenshot
    • I can see the back-up singers' choreography, hands behind their back while waiting to come in.
    • The wind is a little gusty-back curtain is billowing especially on stage right. Charley has to straighten her hair a few times.
    • Soft thunder is audible 
    I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of "being there" at the Helsinki concert.  Thank you, Roman.
      I asked Roman for a photo of himself to include in this post.  He sent this delightful portrait created by his dearest colleagues N.V. and O.A. who both enjoy Leonard Cohen music. (Caption by Roman)

                 I caught the darkness
                 It was drinking from your cup 
                 I caught the darkness 
                 From your little cup

      Leonard Cohen - Darkness (Helsinki, September 2, 2012) - Roman Gavilin

      Roman Gavrilin is also known by:  Hermitage Prisoner, Goldin, Abstractor of the Quintessence, and  Currentcohen

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