Leonard Cohen Scrapbook First Year Anniversary Featured by Dr Allan Showalter on 1HeckOfAGuy.com

The classic Paris Notre Dame Thinker "grotesque" is emulated by the modern Durham wordsmith "grotesque", Dr HGuy

July 20, 2011

Following are a couple of nice bits written by Dr Allan Showalter, Leonard Cohen supreme blogger and Chocolate Martini aficionado, on 1 Heck Of A Guy

They Grow Up So Fast
Yep, only a year ago, the Heck Of A Guy headline was Arlene’s Leonard Cohen Scrapbook Goes Online. As any blogger can tell you, going online may require a modicum of chutzpah but posting steadily for a year is a test of determination, devotion, and dedication.
. . .

The Best Of Arlene
The posts comprising The Best Of Arlene’s Leonard Cohen Scrapbook should, I suppose, be those featuring Arlene’s reviews and videos of performances of Leonard Cohen and the musicians associated with him, such as Adam Cohen, the Webb Sisters, NEeMA, and others or perhaps her documentation of the Friends of Leonard Cohen meet-ups or some similarly momentous entries.

My highest admiration, however, is reserved for those posts which demonstrate that Arlene Dick is not only a fine reporter but an incredibly astute and pithy blogger. Check out this shining example I’ve adapted (i.e., stolen) from Magical Moment — Leonard Cohen, Philip Glass “Book of Longing Q&A ” , a June 2011 post Arlene developed from a rather unpromising video sequence of Leonard Cohen and Philip Glass answering questions from the audience.

Audience Member:  Would you swap longing for… fulfillment?
Leonard Cohen:  What’s fulfillment got to offer?
Damn, I wish I had posted that.

That last line was my favourite bit.

A "grotesque" is a decorative architectural element that does not direct water (distinct from a gargoyle which does direct water).
A "grotesque" is described as playful and imaginative.

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