"How The Hell Do You Know Leonard Cohen?"

July 25, 2011

After being discharged from hospital recently, an arrangement was made for a visiting nurse to come to my apartment.  The first time the nurse arrived,  she stepped into my entry hall, saw my Leonard Cohen wall grouping and in a loud voice....
How the hell do you know Leonard Cohen?

She originally lived in Montreal where she trained as a nurse.  "I left Montreal in the big exodus from Quebec in 1979."

Did you know Leonard Cohen personally? I asked.
Everyone in Montreal knew who Leonard Cohen was.

I get such a thrill every 
time I pass by this wall. 

In 1979, the Quebec government made public its constitutional proposal in a white paper entitled Québec-Canada: A New Deal. The Québec Government Proposal for a New Partnership Between Equals: Sovereignty-Association. The province-wide referendum took place on Tuesday, May 20, 1980, and the proposal to pursue secession was defeated by a 59.56 percent to 40.44 percent margin. (Wikipedia)


  1. I love it Arlene! A tough nurse from Montreal saying
    this makes me laugh and smile! These stories are precious.
    and your wall art is divine.
    Love Les

  2. Magical Moment, indeed! Your wall is beautiful... you can *feel* the love!

    ~ Lizzy

  3. Magical Moment, indeed! You can *feel* the love in your wall!
    Such a pleasure for you to get such a beautiful response.

    ~ Lizzy

  4. Too funny Arlene! Your tasteful wall arrangement makes me feel guilty for stopping at one autographed 8X10 of him. You have lit a fire under me to do something similar to yours - well done!
    Warmest regards,