Magical Moment -- Leonard Cohen, Philip Glass "Book of Longing " Q&A

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Leonard Cohen and Philip Glass in conversation with John L Walters prior to the UK premiere of 'The Book of Longing' at London's Barbican Hall on October 20, 2007.

From July 7, 2011  leonardcohenforum

(From Audience Q&A)

Q   Would you swap longing for... fulfillment?

LC  What's fulfillment got to offer?

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  1. Dear Arlene,

    I have been following your comments on the Leonard Cohen Files and then your own blog for some while and am always delighted and impressed. Seeing the snippet of LC's response to whether he would exchange longing with fulfillment, I just had to express my appreciation for this glimpse of his wit and sense of humor. Thank you for this marvelous find, Arlene!

    Best regards,

  2. Thank you, Rike. I love his mischievous smile and twinking eyes after he said that.