Leonard Cohen In The New York Times Crossword - July 4, 2011

46 Down

From July 4, 2011  leonardcohenforum 

I suppose this could be considered a recognition of merit.

A blogger made some interesting comments about the content of the clues. click here

For example:
46. Songwriter Leonard : COHEN
I’ve never been a big fan of the music of Canadian singer Leonard Cohen (don’t all yell at me at the same time!) 
William Ernest Butler
I sent an email to the blogger to "yell" at him. Here is his response.
Hi Arlene,
Oh dear, you mustn't like me at all! :)
That's a great blog you've put together, and I see that you've met with the man himself a few times. Nice to see those photos.
I know, I am considered a real Philistine for not appreciating Leonard Cohen's music. It all dates back to my school years back in Ireland. When I was a teenager I'd head to small parties and gatherings, and inevitably some "guitar hero" would pull out his instrument and put a damper on the evening with a woeful rendition of "Suzanne". So, it's probably not Leonard Cohen that turns me off, and more the memory of acne-faced Dublin students doing terrible Cohen impersonations!

Thanks for the email, Arlene. Nice to meet you :)

Take care,


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