Leonard Cohen's Artwork at Claremont College, California, March 26, 2009

This is one of the drawings in the exhibition (with LC's signature) reproduced on the tote bag that is on sale as part of the tour merch. I bought a tote bag in San Diego and will have it framed – it’s the closest I will get to owning a signed drawing by Leonard Cohen.
From March 31, 2009  leonardcohenforum

Magnificent!  Like all of his endeavours.

It is said that anticipation heightens realization. So, I scheduled a visit to Leonard's Art exhibition at Claremont College, about 50 miles east of Los Angeles, prior to attending his two concerts in San Diego (April 7) and Los Angeles (April 10) next week. Now, here I am writing this posting while listening to the CBC Radio 2 broadcast of the London Live CD.  Gosh, life is good.I was lucky to be the only one at the exhibition and could take my time to enjoy each individual drawing. To me, Leonard’s art is funny, poignant, erotic and spiritual.

My particular favorite was the one of himself reading poems to Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, who I feel was the greatest PM Canada ever had. The drawing included an excerpt from the “Book of Longing”.  At a friend's rooftop gathering, Trudeau asked Leonard to read a poem and when he finished, to read another poem and another.  As a transplanted Canadian now living in L.A., I found the drawing of Canada’s two greatest National treasures very moving.

Leonard Cohen's drawings are awesome.
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This exhibition was held in conjunction with the Philip Glass production of "Book Of Longing" at Claremont College, California. The drawing on the promotion poster, which I was lucky to get, is titled, Paris Again.

Enlarged lower left image of: Leonard Cohen & Philip Glass

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