Super Talented Musician Michael Gold, Son of Greg Gold & Sharon Robinson Pilots Los Angeles Reporter To Work In 13 Minute Flight

October 27, 2012
Michael Gold, Sharon Robinson & Greg Gold (Leonard Cohen tribute Dec/11, L.A.)

When I read the "LA Weekly" article article about Michael Gold piloting a plane for a reporter who was fed up with Los Angeles traffic, I was fascinated.  I met Michael for the first time at the Leonard Cohen Tribute Concert in Los Angeles last December when he played piano accompaniment for Sharon singing Alexandra Leaving.

The LA Weekly article. "I Was Sick of L.A. Traffic. So I Took a Plane to Work" featuring Michael Gold was written by.

This is an excerpt about the reporter who doubted there was a better way to get to work in LA until she met Michael Gold:
Photo: Anna Jones
But the thought remained just that -- a cry for help more than a plan for action -- until I met Michael Gold.
Gold is in his second year of flight training, working toward his commercial license. A recent college graduate and studio musician, he has been obsessed with airplanes since childhood.

After our brief introduction at a friend's barbecue, it was only a few seconds before the conversation turned to traffic. I launched into my usual complaints, only to be stopped short when he casually mentioned that, by air, the same trip would take about nine minutes. Nine minutes? I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
Was there really hope? A way around the traffic? Some sort of salvation? I had to try this!
But could I really fly to work?

"For me, flying is a way to understand the world. It helps you figure out where you actually are, physically speaking, but it also humbles you when you realize how small you actually are comparatively," Gold tells me as we map out our flight plan a few weeks later. With the help of CP Aviation in Santa Paula, he enthusiastically agreed to help me, saying, "Any excuse to get more time in the air is good enough for me."
 * * *

Michael with his band,"Poolside" at the Culture Collide Festival in (L.A.) Echo Park (Photo: Greg Gold)

I heard that Michael is a very talented musician and after his recent graduation from college immediately became part of a very successful band.

I contacted Michael's father, Greg Gold, to ask about Michael's band. Greg responded quickly and enthusiastically, just like a proud father.  Thank you, Greg.
Ironically Michael's on the road playing keyboards and singing harmony with Poolside, a great LA band that was no 1 on KCRW all summer.  To add to the craziness Sharon and Michael will cross paths in Austin!  He's playing at The Mohawk on the 30th.  Sharon's playing the 31st.   If they manage to see each other that will be it for awhile as Sharon heads around the states and Michael's tour goes to South America and Europe.  (Don't worry about me, I love the quiet!)  Poolside are kind of a beach boys - California lifestyle kicked back sound - with electronic and funk influences they call daytime disco.  The album Pacific Standard Time was pretty much an instant success in the indy world.  
This video has been on YouTube only since June and already has over 200,000 views. Check out some of the 115 comments. Michael's band is hot!

Poolside - Slow Down (PoolsideDaytimeDisco - official video)

I also asked Greg for some background about Michael:
Michael's music background was, like Sharon's, classical piano since he was 6 or 7, competitions, recitals, all that for like ten years.  Went for a short time to Thornton school at USC for classical composition - switched to California Institute of the Arts where he graduated with a degree in Jazz performance.  He recently scored a bunch short films for a campaign for the LA fashion district.  And his really big passion is flying!
So this post closes on the same theme as it began...about Michael Gold's passion for flying.
  • Greg Gold directed Alyssa Graham's official music video Round & Round from her new album "Lock, Stock & Soul" released January 31, 2012 on Sunnyside Records. Graham has already been named: one of iTunes' "New & Noteworthy" singer-songwriters, a Critics' Choice by The New York Times, an artist "You Need To Hear" by Marie Claire and a "Music Pick" by Elle Magazine.(YouTube description)
  • Photo at the top by Arlene
  • Sharon Robinson with Michael Gold on piano - "Alexandra Leaving" here
  • Michael and Sharon's photo here
  • Leonard Cohen Los Angeles Tribute videos here 

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  1. Great reporting, as usual, Arlene. Let's daydream for a sec about having our own personal pilot for navigating the wilds of LA ... and a jazz musician to boot.