Small Insert Of Leonard Cohen Coming to Toulon Stands Out On Very Busy Magazine Cover

October 26, 2012
"Tourism Summer 2012 Was A Good Year "
(google translation)

When surfing the internet for reports about the Sept 26 Toulon concert at the Zenith Omega, I found a tweet with a link to the Sept 3rd issue of  TELEX (Var).  The image packed cover of  this regional events magazine contained a very small photo of Leonard Cohen with page number to a pre-concert article. There has been very little reported about the Toulon concert, so I was delighted to see LC's photo there.

The Var is a region in southeast France. Toulon is the largest city, whose harbour is the main port of the French Navy, and is administrative capital of the Var.

Detail indicating page 13

(p. 13 Bing Translation)

We announced before
the summer... but the event is enough-.
exceptional enough to not
to deprive of a little reminder! As much
the famous Môssieur Cohen
Leonard of his first name, honour of
the town of Toulon, unique presence
concert in the province of the four
only dates in France.

Should we speak of resurrection... of apogee...of immortality? Talk about this poet-singerCanadian at any rate deserves a book to him alone, and also plenty of initiatives have  No about it. We will however remain in the sobriety of a simple announcement, the name is enough in itself to attract crowds of its true for the first hour and admirers... Because obviously, if one like Cohen, it is for the life! Of our lives, soon octogenarian artist (78 years) lived in, because, before singer-musician, Leonard is primarily a poet, his first collection of poems was published in Montreal in 1956, and his first novel in 1963.

By putting its texts in the service of its influences folk-pop-rock, Leonard Cohen has mostly anchored the musical world of her voice hoarse, serious, with this outretombe something that you fact the flesh of chicken and you pulled your modest tears... No doubt as the tortured character plays for many in the emotion felt the themes redundant that punctuate the work of Cohen: religion, but especially the solitude, the inner suffering, depression... A State chronic depressive it will even up to discuss openly with journalists then of the press conference for the release of her "Old Ideas" album (released in January) (2012) Is in any case said album that we offer the privilege to host the legend alive and well in our French Lair of the Zenith. Leonard Cohen will pay an international tour certainly, but does stop in France as for four concerts including three in Paris! That is to say if the event will make date to Toulon, this Wednesday, September 26. True to his reputation, It will however pay the high price, between 62 and €128! There are still places available then it's time to succumb to the old adage: when you love it does not count!
Christine Manganaro

When? Wednesday, September 26, 2012-20  h
Where? Zenith Omega - Toulon
How many? 62 to 128 €
Info and booking: usual sales Points

Thanks go to Marie Michele for help with extracting the French copy from the magazine's pdf file.

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