Sharon Robinson Accompanied On Piano By Son Michael Gold at Leonard Cohen Tribute Concert, Dec 4/11

December 14, 2011

This is my favourite photo from the Leonard Cohen tribute concert in Los Angeles.

When I saw first the proofs that the official photographer kindly shared with me, I looked at this photo of Sharon and Michael and said to myself,


*   *   *

A very special thank you to Marvin Steindler Photography for permission to use his photos...

...including a shot of me leaning  into the aisle to get a better view.

  • Bottom photo-Front (L) Iliana Rose, "Dance Me..." (R) Wellspring, "If It Be Your Will". The artists are included in Various Artists (clips)
  • Event description and Tribute Concert stage list here

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  1. Beautiful photo. It has all the components... and there is Sharon, looking so regal. What a handsome son... and I have no reason to think other than an accomplished musician, too, and serious about his music, as well. Your night must have been wonderful, Arlene. Now, I'll listen to the clips. Thank you for sharing this night with us.

    ~ Lizzy