FRIENDs Roman Gavrilin (Russia) & Ilia Muraviov (Belarus) Share Their First Photos of Helsinki Leonard Cohen Concert Venue - Sonera Stadium

September 1, 2012

Sonera Stadium - Helsinki - The Night before

"Roman Gavrilin was at Sonera Stadium"
So sayeth Facebook maps

FRIENDs Roman Gavrilin (St Petersburg) and Ilia Muraviov (Minsk) arrived in Helsinki on Saturday for their first ever Leonard Cohen concert.  The Old Ideas World Tour resumes on Sunday September 2 in Sonera Stadium and they are going.

Ilia and Roman proved they are as passionate about Leonard Cohen concerts as the rest of us.  With sleep deprivation after a very long drive from St Petersburg to Helsinki and after a fantastic meet-up dinner with 52 FRIENDs from 11 countries, they snuck over to the venue for a preview peek. They snapped a few atmoshere shots and uploaded them on Roman's Facebook page. Then and only then they finally took some shuteye.

Here are a few of their photos, and some of the text from Roman's  messages.

from Roman Gavrilin (in Part)
Sorry, no video, it is impossible at the moment. It's 2:30 a.m. here, I haven't slept for almost two days (those who will say I slept in a beer tram will be wrong). No sleep, no alcohol, no herring.  But I met Jarkko, Maarten and many others, that's wonderful. This evening there were people from eight countries among those who sat at the same table as me (out of total eleven nations, counted by Jarkko).
From Suomi with love

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