Helsinki Meet-up FRIENDS Visit Leonard Cohen Artworks in Porvoo Before the Concert - Szilvia Szanto's Images

September 2, 2012

Szilvia Szanto standing next to"Muse of the Laboratory" at the Art Factory

Organized by Jarkko Arjatsalo with the help of Sinikka Hijlnen, a group of FRIENDS made a pre-concert trip to the Art Factory in Porvoo to visit the Leonard Cohen concert related exhibit.

Szilivia Szanto (Gallina on the Leonard Cohen Forum) uploaded a wonderful album on Facebook early this morning with photos of the visit.

Here are just a few from all her beautiful photos.  Thank you, Szilvia

Ciarran Dorr, Wendy Marshall & Marie Nolan

Jarkko Arjatsalo

Jarkko & FRIENDS

Eija Arjatsalo (c) & FRIENDS

Szilvia Szanto, Ciaran Dorr & Wendy Marshall

Wenche Bats, Maarten Massa (Mr Wenche Bats) & Sinikka Hiljnen

Jarkko & Henry Tengelsen

Time to return to Helsinki and get ready for the concert

My apologies for any name typos. Please let me know.
Helsinki Concert, Sonera Stadium - Sept 2/12

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