Leonard Cohen Gothenburg Review, Aug 31.12 -Thanks To Eva Falk

August 31, 2012

Photo: Jessica Bentsen

Cohen gave everything

Ripe pop
Leonard Cohen
Gamla Ullevi Stadium, Friday
Attendance: 6265
Best: The band, Cohen, the classic songs.
Worst: First we take Manhattan - Organ rock with slappbas is not Cohen's best branch.

To put it simply - Leonard Cohen gave a very fine concert at Gamla Ullevi.
During a gig that spanned more than three hours, he lined up one classic song after another. Leonard Cohen has apparently not only understood that it applies to invite their audience to the songs they love most. But also it is not good enough to just demolish them.

Tonight's greatest achievement is that Cohen and his band not only plays through all the classics with a distinct clarity and presence. Leonard Cohen takes on every verse, every word with an undoubted commitment.
It would otherwise have easily been able to go on the routine. Nobody could ever really surprised if Leonard Cohen by now sounded as if he was doing covers of itself. So'm so worn out is actually the closest to iconic songs as Bird on the wire, Famous blue raincoat, So long, Marianne and Take this waltz. To say nothing of Hallelujah which is now one of the most abused song. Leonard Cohen also do it with total conviction. Take it back from klåparna.

The songs does an apparently still very much to him. They are too important to be careless with.
Leonard Cohen has been more or less constantly on tour for the last four or five years. This was the third visit to Gothenburg in a short time.

No wonder then that he has with him a band that not only made up of phenomenal musicians, but that they are also fantastically attuned. It sounds consistently fantastic cally good.
Leonard Cohen's music has since the voluntary exile in Greece during the 60s stretched out between the European and the American. Maybe it requires a Canadians to linking influences. It is anyway nice to hear the violinist Alexandre Bublitchi, taken from Moldova and the band's newest member, manages both a Balkan inspired solo as the American folk tone of the Heart of no companion while the piano is so simple and so beautiful and Roscoe Beck supports up to its catchy, femsträngade base.

On stage are also sisters Charlie and Hattie Webb of Kent in England who has a clear British folkmusikton in his song and who also contributes guitar and harp. And so when in every way elegante Javier Mas from Barcelona on different kinds of guitars - not least the twelve stranded bandurrian that several times during the evening rumble and sway in the meeting with Leonard Cohen's dark voice.
Leonard Cohen himself goes down on his knees, he was dancing, smiling, joking about an ant on a visit, and plays both toy synthesizer and mouth harp, and it does not feel tight, just obvious. He begins the evening with the promise that he and the band will give us everything they have. The promise fulfilled by a wide margin.

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