Sylvie Simmons Reads Poignant Excerpt From Her Leonard Cohen Bio about So Long, Marianne at Madison Event

August 8, 2012

At the Leonard Cohen 2012 Madison Event August 3-5, Ken Kurzweil captured many outstanding videos at the concerts.

Ken's beautiful video above with Sylvie Simmons reading an excerpt from her new Leonard Cohen bio will break your heart.

It seems Goodbye, Marianne was originally titled Come On, Marianne.

According to quotes from Sylvie's interviews with both Leonard Cohen and Marianne Ihlen, the implication of the two titles mirrored the delicate state of their relationship.  Marianne's interpretation was heartbreaking.

Come on, Marianne meant, "Let's see if we can keep this boat afloat". It took Leonard Cohen a year to write this song and by then, the final title became, So Long, Marianne, a song of farewell.

Following this poignant reading, Sylvie Simmons on ukelele and Heidi Clare on violin performed a terrific cover of the song with the title as we know it, So Long, Marianne.

*   *   *

On a lighter note, Sylvie and Heidi also performed a hilarously funny song in tribute to Leonard Cohen. The lyrics were written by, as Sylvie called him, Dr Heck aka Allan Showalter of 1heckofaguy and the video was captured by Maarten Massa.

To watch The Ballad of Len-A Musical tribute To Leonard Cohen set to the tune of  "The Beverly Hillbillies" theme song, click here

  • Ken Kurzweil's Madison Event 2012 channel is here
  • Sylvie Simmons' biography, "I'm Your Man:The Life of Leonard Cohen" will be released in hardcover on September 18/12

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