I'm A Ghent Concert Veteran Getting Ready From Afar To Enjoy The Opening Concert of Leonard Cohen Old Ideas World Tour 2012

August 10, 2012

My Getting Ready Checklist

(1) Ask Maarten Massa to kindly make an honourary Old Ideas World Tour Ghent 2012 nametag and lanyard.

(2)  Change my avatar on Facebook and Twitter to the unofficial Leonard Cohen FRIENDS avatar, a red Unified Heart on a white background.

(3)  Go through my Leonard Cohen stash for nametag and lanyard from the 2010 World Tour concerts in Ghent - I was there on August 20 & 21.  

(4) Look back at my Ghent 2010 concert reports
  •   Leonard Cohen concerts, Ghent (Gent), Belgium, "Baruch Hashem" and other memories - August 20&21  (click here)

    (5) Watch my Ghent Concert FANS slideshow video
    Leonard Cohen fans enjoying two concerts in Ghent Belgium at Sint-Pietersplein, Saint Peter's Square. Fans listened to the sound check at a bar across the street. (The concert stage was not visible.) Meet-ups took place at the Gruut Brewery which included a birthday party for IrishMar and Jarkko.  NB, at 3.37: the correct spelling of surrender's name is "Jarmila"
    Music: Never Any Good (Leonard Cohen)

    GHENT, Belgium-Forum-FAN Slideshow-August 20 & 21, 2010  ---Arlene Dick (bridger 15)

    NB. If this video is blocked in your country, here is the identical slideshow with a different music track. "Everybody Knows" from my own Ghent concert video. click here

    (6) Um...I think that should do it. I'm ready.

    My Ghent 2010 nametag and lanyard was also courtesy of Maarten Massa


    1. "See" you there Arelene"! You are definitely with us in spirit & I have very clear memories of your adventures in Ghent in 2010.

    2. PS It's great to see the slideshow again.

      1. Thanks Wendy. I also had the same nostalgic memories. When I watched the slideshow today, it seemed as fresh and wonderful as "yesterday".

    3. Wonderful post Arlene! Realizing that it ia already 8/12 in Ghent now!

      1. Ah those time zones. I get to enjoy Aug 12 almost twice. hehe

    4. What is going on in the world? Olympics? No competition for LC's first 2012 show in Ghent. Like you, I look forward to the first reports. Your posts are great introductions to what is to come. Thanks.

      1. Thanks Rike. I agree, my DVR is set to record the Olympics closing ceremony. I will be glued to my laptop.