Leonard Cohen Rehearsal Sharpie - Glenn Gould Prize Gala Program and Massey Hall Ticket

"One never knows who might show up to have a look around camp"

August 6, 2012

No, that is not a cigarette that Leonard Cohen is holding in his right hand.

I have been asked about that several times since Joey Carenza published this photo and caption on Greetings from Camp Cohen. (7/26/12)

LC is holding a Sharpie which he graciously used to sign my program from The Glenn Gould Prize Gala and my Massey Hall ticket where the event was held. (The celebration gala took place in Toronto on May 14, 2012.)

When I was invited to a rehearsal at Camp Cohen a few weeks ago, I brought with my Glenn Gould Prize memorabilia ... just in case...

Before the rehearsal started,  Leonard Cohen was very gracious to spend a little time chatting with me. That was when I asked if he would please sign them. I mentioned I was a Torontonian and felt very strongly that I had to be there when he received his prize in my hometown.

Funnily enough, he did not have a Sharpie with him - you know how we always expect him to have one.  Magically, someone handed him one and he very kindly obliged me.

That was a memorable day to me...
  • Photo with caption at the top by: ~ J S Carenza III (aka Joey Carenza), webmaster of "Greetings from Camp Cohen" (July 26/12) and the Old Ideas World Tour Road Manager.
  • My rehearsal post, "Watching An Artistic Master At Work-Leonard Cohen In Rehearsal..." here
  • "That was a memorable day to me..."  Charles Dickens (Great Expectations)
  • To read my reports about The Glenn Gould Prize Gala, click the Label below "Glenn Gould Prize"


  1. "Funnily enough, he did not have a Sharpie with him - you know how we always expect him to have one."
    Love your literary style ;-)