Final Two Reports from Norway - Good Friends at Bergen Concert + Halden Concert Report by Else Gundersen

August 30, 2012
Geoffrey Wren & Tom Bognoe (Bergen) 8/28

Else Konsmo Gundersen

  • Else “Elsie” Gundersen and “Marianne 1960"

    Halden concert report 8/29 (in part) 

    Bird on the Wire had me crying again this time, too - even if I missed Dino, it was still great and so heartfelt from Leonard. 

    Sharon was wonderful 

    - and the public behaved, no talking in the Golden Circle, everybody listened so hard that it hurt - and laughed and cried about it all. 

    I also found Banjo very good live, and I loved Night Comes On - it was moonlight by then.... well, I enjoyed every moment, to conclude:-)

    A bit chilly, a typical scarf occasion for Leonard and the girls. 

    I saw Marc Roed and his friend Hanne during the break... They were up front, I almost risked my life to get there;-)

    I did get some photos from Leonard's exhibition though. We spent an hour there, it was very interesting. And so we were in a hurry to reach the concert. Loooong queue, I was afraid we might not get there in time. 

    Leonard was late too, half an hour later than first announced. 

Thank you Else for your wonderful concert report.

  • Photo at the top: Tom Bognoe via Anne Riise 
  • Photo of Else taken at the Galleri Ramfjord
  •  For my Galleri Ramfjord report with Marianne in attendance and more photos of Leonard Cohen's artworks, click here

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