Geoffrey Wren, Talented Singing FRIEND Is Admired by Leonard Cohen for his Covers- Bergen Aug 28/12

August 30, 2012

Leonard (serious voice): "I see you covered some of my songs on Youtube."
Me (nervously): "You don't mind, do you?"
Leonard: Yes, I do. You should have covered them ALL!"
 From Geoffrey's concert report on the Leonard Cohen Forum:
from a computer in a bergen hotel reception area

i tried to leave you was the last song. he then said
goodnight my friends, i hope to see you all again down the road, until then goodnight.
excellent show. part #1 7.30 + 9.00. part #2 9.20 + 10.35. encore #1 10.35. encore #2 10.46. encore #3 11.00. finished 11.10.
unexpected highlight of show was sharon robinsons solo singing of alexander leaving. beautiful version. leonard translated the text from some greek guy and sharon put it to music, he said. she got electrifying applause and endless whistling for that song. hope it was recorded.
this computer has an unusual keyboard, so excuse bad writing. will be home thursday nite. g

Thank you Geoffrey for your timely Bergen concert report under difficult conditions. And congratulations on the memorable photo and wonderful exchange with Leonard Cohen.

Here is one of my favourite LC covers by Geoffrey  - Tonight Will Be Fine

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