Leonard Cohen's 1960 Portrait of Marianne Ihlen On Exhibit in Halden, Norway-Concert at Fredriksten Festning

August 28, 2012

"Elisabeth Ramfjord and Marianne Ihlen next to Leonard Cohen's portrait of her from 1960"
Photo: Thanks to LC Norwegian FRIEND Anne Riise (Facebook)

An exhibition of Leonard Cohen's artworks has been on display at Galleri Ramfjord in Halden, Norway to coincide with the date of his concert tomorrow, August 29 at the Fredriksten Festning, "The Fort".

There are 50 Leonard Cohen artworks in the exhibit including 20 new works.  One of the new works was printed specially for this concert related exhibition.

"you can't emerge"

Leonard Cohen To Halden With Art And Music

Artist The visit coincides with Gallery Ramfjord exhibition of Cohen-art fortress.
The exhibition opens on Saturday 11 August, reports from the curator hold, and takes place in the old Commandant's residence. The exhibition will be opened by the Canadian Embassy.
29. august coming artist to see the exhibition, and then there will be another concert with the Canadian artist.
It's Exactly one year ago Gallery Ramfjord presented Norway's first exhibition of Leonard Cohen in Oslo. The new exhibit in the Halden holds nearly 50 works that will be exhibited for sale at the fort.
We are talking about 30 older work, as well as 20 new ones.
According to Cohen's management, Norway is in a class as well as the sale of Cohen's art on canvas.
(From: NRK*-google translate)

Photos from the gallery's website

* The NRK article includes a photo with this caption: "Leonard Cohen is considered as a real friend of Norway".
To see more photos of Marianne Ihlen, click the Label below "Marianne Ihlen" 

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  1. Marianne is such a sweet woman still... you can see it in her face and eyes. Hope so much her book will find its way to English translation. Want very much to read her thoughts, ideas, and memories.

    Thank you for posting this beautiful photo and description, Arlene.

    ~ Lizzy