Aalborg Leonard Cohen "Prayer Meeting" Is Over - Farewell To Denmark

August 26, 2012

Marc Roed

From Marc Roed's Facebook post
"2142 ended the prayer meeting in Aalborg as master left the stage"
(google translated)

Thank you Marc, for all your live reports from Aalborg.  And thank you to Amrei Christenden for your photos and reports.

Amrei Christensen

With the early start time, it looks like the concert lasted over three hours. (to be confirmed) 
Update: - see Footnote and Comment section below

Per Amrei Christensen (Leonard Cohen Forum):
"Like Rosenborg Castle, but the first set also had Light as a Breeze, the first encore had Famous Blue Raincoat after So Long Marianne and in the second encore he played Closing Time after I tried to leave you.

He played for almost 4 hours, and thus all those people, who missed a great part of the show due to a lousy local organization, had nearly 30 minutes extra. Leonard commented on this during the concert.
The concert itself was as gorgeous as ever.


  1. it is confirmed now :) it was over 3 hours
    3 hours and 42 min incl pause