Leonard Cohen 7" Vinyls Featured on Betty and Luc's Belgian Jukebox

July 24, 2012

"It feels so good to hear Leonard's voice coming out of our jukebox"

When Betty Vercauteren sent me the wonderful photos of the tattoos she and husband Luc acquired for the opening concert in Ghent of the Leonard Cohen Old Ideas World Tour, she included the photo above of their jukebox. Betty's enthusiasm for all things Leonard Cohen is shared equally by her husband Luc Huybrechts. I was very excited when I saw this photo and asked her to send more photos and a description of their 7" vinyl collection.

Photos and narrative by Betty Vercauteren

  • Our jukebox is a dream come true for Luc and me. And it's fun to go out and look for old records too !! 

    There's no special story about our jukebox, we wanted it for so long and
    finally we found someone who repairs old jukeboxes .We went to his home to
    choose one, and after a few months our precious jukebox was ready !

    Then we started looking at the flea market for little vinyls ! We already
    have a lot of them, (English, French, Dutch songs) but now we start looking
    for vinyls who we like the most : Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, Dire
    , CCR , but those are difficult to find and sometimes very expensive,
    so we try to find them as cheap as possible ! But for that you have to look
    everywhere !!

    The labels in our jukebox are handmade : every vinyl has its own label. We
    can put 100 vinyls into the jukebox so that means 200 songs ! Once in a
    while we change them, but vinyls of Leonard, Bruce and Dire straits never
    change because we love to hear them so often !!

    Now I'm trying to find more vinyls from Leonard. 

    We already have in our jukebox :
    • Suzanne
    • Bird on the wire
    • Take this waltz
    • Lover, lover, lover
    • Do I have to dance all night
    • First we take Manhattan
    • I'm your man
    • Sisters of mercy
    • Who by fire
    • Chelsea hotel n 2 

So that's the story of our beautiful jukebox with Leonard's voice in it !!

Big hug Arlene!


  1. Betty VercauterenJuly 24, 2012 at 9:43 PM

    héhé! well done Arlene! thank yous o much for posting !!

    1. And a thank you to you, Betty for sharing your wonderful jukebox and Leonard Cohen 7" vinyl collection with us.