Getting Ready For The Leonard Cohen Old Ideas World Tour - Matching Fresh Tattoos, Belgian Style (2)

"... Luc and my tattoo ,so, as you can see: the hairy leg is not mine hahaha!!"

July 22, 2012

I received a Facebook message and photos from Betty Vercauteren describing how she and husband Luc are preparing for Leonard Cohen's Old Ideas World Tour opening concert in Ghent on August 12.

Betty and Luc have been inseparable for 15 years and were wed last year in March.

Thank you Betty for sharing your photos and wonderful enthusiasm. The opening concert followed by four more Ghent concerts, promise to be like a Belgian National celebration week.

Luc & Betty's wedding last year in March

Hi Arlene...
I am sending you a picture of my tattoo that I had recently put on my ankle.
 My husband did the same tattoo, so we are ready to go to the opening concert in Ghent now !
big hug and see you later!

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