I'm An Honourary Dublin Concert Goer, Leonard Cohen Old ideas World Tour 2012

July 28, 2012

I read Gwen Langford's post on  the Leonard cohen Forum  that she was making name tags for the Dublin concerts.  Her design was lovely. I asked if I might sign up for one even though I was not attending any of the concerts.

Leonard Cohen concerts in Ireland are legendary.

I have many Cohenite friends who are attending one, a few or even all of the concerts.  So, I really wanted to feel a part of the Old Ideas 2012 World Tour concerts in Dublin.

Gwen kindly agreed and emailed my prototype name tag which is at the top. The actual name tag will be in my hands shortly.  Thank you Gwen for your generosity. I will treasure it.

Gwen Langford aka Musicmania
by musicmania » Thu Jul 26, 2012
(from the Leonard Cohen Forum, in part)

Hi friends

I have decided to make name tags for the Dublin concerts. . Info required is full name, town where you live, country where you live and forum username. Also please state which of the concerts you are attending. I will have collection from the hotel I am staying in the morning of the first concert and also inside the concert venue at all the concerts. Please note I will not be supplying a lanyard and you will need to bring one yourself. Many of us have them from the previous tours... and many who are going to Ghent will be getting them...


Gwen is sporting de rigueur Polka Dots in her photo

I asked Gwen for a photo and when I received the one above, I broke out in a big smile. Great memories...

POLKA DOTS were worn by many FRIENDS at the Dec 11, 2010 concert to commemorate the final concert of the Leonard Cohen 2009-2010 World Tour. (See my 2010 report here:  Leonard Cohen Friends gather for Five Final Concerts 2010)

Kilmainham Dublin concerts
Sept 11, 12, 14, 15 
for info, click here

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