Getting Ready For The Leonard Cohen Old Ideas World Tour - A Fresh Tattoo

July 10, 2012
Joy Ezekiel aka Famous Blue Raincoat - new tattoo

Joy Ezekiel and I were exchanging emails about Leonard Cohen's first US opening concert in Austin, Texas on Oct 31/12. We discussed the usual travel things, such as hotels, transportation and a possible meet-up and then she sent me the tattoo photo at the top.

While some people may be busy with travel preparations such as getting their passports in order and perhaps a Twinrix shot - well Texas can seem like an exotic location to some world travellers - Joy has been busy with another kind of getting ready activity:
Just got this yesterday so it's still a bit "sticky".... but will be in perfect shape for the new tour!!
The first time I met Joy and Mark was in Nov/09 at the Nashville early entry for Leonard Cohen Forum members. (here). She wore a "Famous Blue Raincoat", had a dazzling smile and kindly let me snap a photo of her Unified Heart tattoo.

Smiling Lady Wearing "Famous Blue Raincoat" Uncovers Unified Heart Tattoo For Leonard Cohen Forum Fan Early Entry Video

Joy and Mark are going to the opening concert in Ghent. So if you are there, be sure to ask to see her tattoos.

Mark & Joy, Ghent 8/10

And, if you are in the vicinity of the University of Essex in the near future, you might be able to catch a glinpse of Joy's "getting ready for the tour" tattoo.  Her son is graduating from Joy's alma mater on Wednesday, July 18.

Good times abound.


  1. I actually took my copy of "The Future" with me to the studio so that the artist got the colors EXACTLY right!!! I think he did a great job.