SoCal Meet-Up with Judy Scott and a Gift-1993 Leonard Cohen Album Promotion

Leonard Cohen "The Future" lyrics booklet 1992

July 13 2012

Arlene & Judy
From time to time Judy Scott and I get together for a SoCal meet-up and mostly talk about our mutual passionate admiration of Leonard Cohen.

Recently, we met for lunch at the Marmalade Cafe in Sherman Oaks and  talked about LC's newest album,  Old Ideas - we both love it - and about the upcoming Old Ideas World Tour.

Judy surprised me with a wonderful gift.  It is a treasure.  Thank you, Judy.

When cleaning out an old file cabinet in my garage I found a little booklet titled "Leonard Cohen" that was issued by the record company when "The Future" was released.
It has all the lyrics and some nice monochrome repros of some of LC's sketches. It's dated 1992 - I completely forgot I had it.  I don't remember where I picked it up
As described by the Leonard Cohen Files
This is a 6" x 6" pretty little lyric booklet
printed for the worldwide promotion of
The Future album.

4+10 pages, lyrics of seven songs. Nice vellum
paper covers. USA 1992.
This lyrics booklet was a joy to handle. I was impressed with the high quality of this product. Imagine, this was a $1.00 off promotion and it was so artistically designed with multi-shades of green. It must have been expensive to produce even back then.  

The label, seen affixed to the front cover in the top photo, fell off after a while in my care.  I suppose the adhesive stayed moist while in Judy's Los Angeles garage which turned out to have ideal archival conditions.

I scanned all the pages and tried to reproduce the colours as closely as possible.

Inside front cover with mirror image peeking through from the front cover - Title Page

pg 2,3 - The Future

pg 4 - Waiting For The Miracle  pg 5 -Be For Real

pg 6,7 centre staple - Closing Time

pg 8 - Anthem  pg 9 - Democracy

 pg 10, 11 - Light As The Breeze - credits right bottom (detail)

pg 12 - last page and inside back cover with mirror image peeking through from the back cover

Spread out back and front cover after the label fell off

Judy Scott (Jazz4111) & Arlene's SoCal meet-up at the Getty Museum  4/11/10 here


  1. This. Is. Incredible! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I felt the same way as you when I handled the booklet for scanning it.

  2. Leonard Cohen Album Is Incredible! Thanks for sharing!.
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