Is Violinist Alex Bublitchi Destined to Adopt The Minnie Pearl Price Tag Look for Leonard Cohen's Old Ideas World Tour?

July 9, 2012

Alex Bublitchi, Val McCallum, Jackson Browne, Javier Mas (front right) at the Jackshit gig, McCabes Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, CA performing 1000 Kisses Deep, June 10/12 (screenshot)

Alex Bublitchi, Val McCallum aka Beau Shit

When I watched the Jackson Browne 1000 Kisses video on Allan Showalter's 1HeckofaGuy Cohencentric website, and noticed Alex Bublitchi's violin had a dangling price tag, I imediately thought of Minnie Pearl with her trademark straw hat and dangling $1.98 price tag.

Minnie Pearl

According to reports from Camp Cohen, Moldovian violinist Alex Bublitchi has been shopping for another violin in the Los Angeles area.  (Perhaps as a safety backup while on the Old Ideas World Tour?)

So far it looks like Alex has not been able to find one to his liking.

A wall of violins with dangling price tags at McCabe's Guitar  Shop

A rose may be a rose but a violin is a violin or in this case, kindling

Ouch - The caption by Camp Cohen attests to the unsatisfactory tone.  Even the salesman looks pained.

So I have a suggestion.

Perhaps Leonard Cohen Forum Croatian moderator, Tom Sakic (who is a film scholar and science fiction critic), could persuade the Croation Academy Of Sciences And Arts to loan the KING GUARNERI to Alex Bublitchi while he is on the summer European leg.

And later on, perhaps some influence could be applied in North America to help Alex play with another historic loaner for that leg in the Fall.

It's just a thought...


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