Live from Montreal-My Family Pays Homage To Leonard Cohen's Place

April 1, 2012

sonLeonard and two of my three granddaughters visited Montreal this weekend.  They sent me photos from the front of Leonard Cohen's home on Rue Vallieres.  The photos arrived in my email soon after they were taken.

Gosh, I  love modern technology.  An instant treat. 

From the Leonard Cohen Forum (posted by Len Bierbrier aka Leonard from Montreal)
Leonard's home is a rowhouse at 28 Vallieres. It is next to a Zen center, which is at the corner of the street down from St Laurent. St Laurent, called "The Main" used to be the bohemian (sic) center of Montreal.... the site of many well known strip clubs, Chinatown and fantastic restaurants (e.g.Moishes), but all that is changed now.
Parc du Portugal is across the street.

No, I did not name my son after Leonard Cohen.  I am asked that question a lot.


  1. Lovely family Arlene. You must be very proud!


  2. PS When we visited Parc du Portugal many years ago we didn't dare go right up to the door so we took pics of the house from across the park!


    1. I never noticed before that the front door is flush with the sidewalk. I can understand your being circumspect.