Dino Soldo is back on the "Dino side" - ELLEN, April 2/12

 ELLEN Apr 2/12, Lionel Ritchie and band performing Dancing on the Ceiling, Dino Soldo (R)

April 3, 2012

Yes, Dino Soldo has his very own side on stage.

Concert going Cohenites, as well as Leonard Cohen YouTube watchers, often refer to stage left as the Dino side as a point of reference.  This is in contrast to the Sharon Robinson, Webb Sisters side, stage right.

Both on the Today Show and the David Letterman show, Dino was positioned stage right, the Leonard Cohen World Tour 2008-2010 back up singers' side.

On the ELLEN (Degeneris) show, in support of Lionel Ritchie's new country album, Tuskegee, performing Dancing on the Ceiling, Dino was back on the Dino side, stage left.

Get it?

Dino mentioned on his Facebook page that he would be performing with a "National Resophonic Mandolin."

This is the best shot I could get off my DVR recording.

Perhaps we will be treated to seeing more of Dino with this instrument at the Leonard Cohen Old Ideas World Tour 2012 concerts.

The addition to the new Leonard Cohen World Tour 2012 band of Moldovian violinist Alex Bublitchi, will require some stage manoeuvrings. So the question arises, on which side will Dino be stationed?


  1. Haha, Arlene... that's my only frame of reference that I use when discussing tickets... by default, what's left is not on Dino's side... he's just rather claimed that space in somewhat of a 'living large' ;) way. Hmmm... I see I'm missing things by not having a TV.

    ~ Lizzy

    1. It really is a lot of fun to see how we Cohenites describe things. Mmmm... sort of a secret code all our own.

  2. LOL you're right... a couple times I've said it and someone has said, "huh?" and then I've broken it down for them. It reminds me of how Kleenex became the 'generic' term for tissues, Xerox for copiers, etc. Dino's Side is the all-out easiest way to narrow the field and bring clarity immediately... even if it's by only one chair to stage-left side of the middle aisle, you're still on Dino's Side. It's understood.

    ~ Lizzy

  3. I missed you in Ghent the th of august !