Joshua Malina Recites BABYLON at Leonard Cohen Tribute Concert, Los Angeles Dec 4/11

Joshua Malina (Will Bailey on "The West Wing") and Arlene

December 8, 2011

Joshua Malina recited Leonard Cohen's poem "Babylon", also known as "By The Rivers Dark"  at the Leonard Cohen Tribute concert on December 4, 2011.

In his intro remarks, he mentioned that the Rabbi and Cantor at his synagogue are also huge fans of Leonard Cohen. They have set the Hallel prayer to the tune of Hallelujah.

Hallel (Praise) consists of a group of Psalms which is chanted for praise and thanksgiving on joyous occasions.
Malina's son asked him why they were praying to that song from Shrek?

  • By The Rivers Dark is a poem included in Leonard Cohen's "Book Of Longing", ecco 2006
  • The Shrek/Hallelujah connection was mentioned several times during the concert by different performers. 
  • Event description and Tribute Concert stage list here

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