Sharon Robinson ALEXANDRA LEAVING, Leonard Cohen Tribute Concert, Los Angeles Dec 4/11

 Son Michael, Sharon and hubby Greg Gold

December 7, 2011

I arrived early at the concert, as is my wont, to snag a seat with a good view,. I was lucky that the performers were sitting in the first two rows (maybe following a sound check?).  I easily spotted Sharon and Greg and was introduced to their son Michael.

Sharon looked radiant and stunning as always.

She was so elegant and charming as she is with everyone.  My old crush Greg was a delight. (Greg won my heart in Las Vegas after the final concert.) And Michael was an engaging young man.  I had seen Michael from afar on the Leonard Cohen world tour but never met him before this.

Well, I must say, this is one power family.  So wonderful, all of them.

I was able to get a video of Sharon singing Alexandra Leaving. It was so moving.  The words, music, imagery and Sharon's soulful voice touched me deeply.
It has been a long time favourite and I yearned to hear it on tour.  But that didn't happen.

So it was a great treat to be there to hear Sharon sing it live...just for me.

All during the concert, there was a slideshow screen on the side of the stage with continuous looping of Leonard Cohen photos. Some of the pics had LC quotes as well. You will see one of these in Sharon's video.

  • Event description and Tribute Concert stage list here

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