Perla Batalla BIRD ON THE WIRE, Leonard Cohen Tribute Concert, Los Angeles, Dec 4/11

Photo: Marvin Steindler Photography

December 9, 2011

At the Leonard Cohen tribute concert, we were treated to a fantastic rendition of  "Bird On The Wire" beautifully performed by Perla Batalla..

In her intro, she told a story about Leonard Cohen once asking her to sing "Bird On The Wire" at a concert he was giving for a special person...teacher...master.

"But that's your song. I only know the la, la's and the ah, ah's."

LC insisted she do it.

So with a friend who plays guitar, she practiced singing it for days until she felt confident.

One day she said to the friend, "Today I own this song".

Her friend responded,, "No, this song owns you."

  • Event description and Tribute Concert stage list here 

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