Leonard Cohen Durham, North Carolina 2009 Concert -- Forum Early Entry Query

Source: Durham Performing Arts Center website

August 6, 2011

On August 6, 2009 "tibbyfrog"posted this query on the Leonard Cohen Forum:
I've been reading in posts about getting into the venues early for a meet & greet with the band. Can anyone out there tell me how this works?
My reply (bridger15)
Rule #1:  Be patient.  We have to wait for any announcements from Jarkko.
Rule #2:  Be patient.  Don't bug Jarkko.
Rule #3:  Don't break Rule #1 and Rule #2.
Afterword:  I have not been able to determine if there ever was an early entry before the Durham concert. However, Avi Elkoni (brightnow) posted his wonderful experience meeting some of the band and backup singers after that show. click here

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