Leonard Cohen Biographer Ira Nadel Interviewed by Tracey Jackson

FIFTY@FIFTY-Tracey Jackson Talks with 50 people on being 50: #33 Ira Nadel
uploaded by: TraceyDJackson1, June 9, 2011

From August 7, 2011  leonardcohenforum

This is a superb interview of Ira Nadel by Tracey D. Jackson, a writer, director, producer and screenwriter.

I enjoyed it thoroughly.  Of course when Tracey said his book on Leonard Cohen is one of her favourites, I enjoyed the interview even more.

From the YouTube description:
Join screenwriter/director/author TRACEY JACKSON in conversation with author and Professor of English (University of British Columbia) IRA NADEL (67 years old) who is 'always seeking something new' and stays 'curious.' Nadel suggests we 'talk to people about the things you love' as well as 'think about DOING vs not doing things...stay active..energetic and have drive and determination in everything we do. He INSPIRES his students and others by teaching 'it's not ever about failure..it's about our own personal drive and DESIRE. One more great example of someone that has created a lifestyle and mantra for longevity. While he indicates he 'doesn't ever think about his age,' Nadel finds it 'remarkably stimulating to be around a lot of young people (students) all the time.' and advises everyone to 'look at yourself in the mirror, and find what it is that you love to do..and do it." Great advice Ira...thank you for sharing with us...;-)
Like many, I often stumble upon interesting things that I am not even looking for.
I had read very nice things about the high quality of Tracey Jackson's blog.
When I decided to have a look at it, I saw the link to her Ira Nadel interview.

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