Krakow Event FAN Slideshow

From Sept 2, 2010  leonardcohenforum

Over 200 Leonard Cohen FANS gathered in the historic city of Krakow, Poland on the weekend of Aug 6-8, 2010 to celebrate the genius of this poet, writer, composer and performer. This is a video slideshow of some of the Leonard Cohen FANs with their names, countries and for some, their forum name on the http://www.leonardcohenforum.

In honour of Poland's 2010 celebration of composer Frederick Chopin's 200th birthday, the background music is: Chopin's Polonaise, in C Minor, Op 40, no 2

I ended up snapping over 80 FANS in my wanderings that awesome weekend. But, there were some names missing in my little "administration book" (as Wijbe called it). So a big thank you goes to IrishMar, Lizzytysh and Jarkko for helping me match some of the photos with names and correcting my typos.

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