Berlin Waldbuhne Concert, Leonard Cohen-August 18, 2010

From Sept 16, 2010  leonardcohenforum

We had fun waiting for the concert to start-many of us was there very early because of the general seating. A bit of a reunion from Krakow, Gothenburg and one from San Jose. No names for now. Well, maybe one name...Kadir (Beautiful Loser), the sweetest man and the life of the Waldbuhne party...everybody knows him.
The Berlin concert was my first outdoor Leonard Cohen concert. At first it felt eerie. I could not figure out why until two weeks later when I read a comment on Joey Carenza's tumblr blog about Florence. He commented that Ryan Patrick Murphy (Lighting Director) could take off the first half because of the blazing sun. Well, we didn't have blazing sun, but the first half of the concert was in full daylight. And there was no "mood" lighting that I was used to seeing, lighting so skillfully designed to change and shift with every song, phrase, and solo. I wonder if this is one of the reasons, some Forum posters comment that a concert is slow going in the first half and picks up in the second half? I now know from personal experience that there is quite a different feel when the concert is in daylight and in "the dark". The concert was wonderful and I enjoyed it thoroughly, especially the Lover Lover.... I had never heard it live before. And Albert Noonan's video captured it superbly.

L-R, Top
Marc Roed /coolcohen1(DNK), Arlene Dick/bridger15 (CAN), Kadir Ercan (DEU) - HEIKE Weizenkorn (DEU) - Marie Nolan /IrishMar (IRL)
Nico/ACTUALLY (DEU), Anne-Kirstin Aschenbrenner/womanfromaroom(DEU) - LAURA Nicolaescu (ROM), Kadir - (c) Marc, Kadir
Arlene, UTE Egle (DEU) - Albert Noonan/IrishAl (IRL) - Hanne Hutchings (DNK) - UTE, Kadir

Berlin Waldbuhne August 18, 2010
A lot of steep steps and I walked them all

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