Tempel Synagogue, Krakow Poland

From July 24, 2010  leonardcohenforum

There is a a wonderful Tempel Synagogue architectural detail that may not be clearly visible in person.
During the Jewish Culture Festival, while watching the webcam streaming, this artifact never appeared in the frame. Then in one concert, an enterprising roaming videographer, Bless him/her, shot a closeup of this. And I gasped at its beauty. I watched the repeat as soon as it was available and took a screen cap.

This was the tradition in Eastern European Synagogues that has been copied in many North American Synagogues: two confronting lions surrounding The Tablets of the Ten Commandments. Lions recall the ornaments that adorned Soloman's Palace. Often this ornament is affixed to the top of the Ark where the Torah Scrolls are kept. In the Tempel Synagogue, it is high above the Ark near the vaulted ceiling. It was thrilling to see it close up in such detail.

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