"Who By Fire" Leonard Cohen Concert at Seattle Key Arena November 9, 2012

January 22, 2013
Javier Mas & Roscoe Beck (screenshots)

It's a funny thing about camera memory cards and file transfers. Often, a missed gem lies waiting to surprise and delight.

Such is what happened last night. I discovered my video capture of Who By Fire at the Leonard Cohen  Seattle concert on Nov 9.12.

In spite of the pesky cameraman (who blocked my view for most of the concert), I am rather proud of this video.

Javier Mas's new solo intro for the Old Ideas World Tour was...well, running out of superlatives...exquisite. And, Roscoe Beck's outro was powerful.

Leonard Cohen's intense, eyes closed prayer interpretation was spellbinding. The UtanenahTokef prayer on which his song is based resonated deeply and gave me the chills. (see my earlier post Leonard Cohen's Who By Fire and the Unetanah Tokef Prayer in High Holiday Services, 5772)

Seattle WHO BY FIRE Nov 9.12 - by Arlene Dick